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Why Baking Is a Form of Self-Care

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Baking reduces anxiety, increases your confidence and is a pleasant wholesome activity. Perfect for your mental health! In this article, we explore five reasons why baking is a good form of self-care.

Why is Baking Special?

Baking is an act of passion and self-actualisation. Nothing is more fulfilling than spending hours in your kitchen, curating, preparing and creating self-made pastries for beloved family and friends.

5 reasons why baking is a form of self-care

Research shows that baking aids psychological wellness, study participations who took part in a creative activity such as baking felt an increase in happiness and satisfaction. Here are 5 reasons why baking is an act of self-care:

1. An act of creativity

Baking is a creative outlet for fun experimentation and kitchen adventure. You have full control of which recipe you want to make, the proportion of the sugar, flour, butter and special ingredients, the shape and size of your bakes, favourite toppings, down right to the design of the cupcake liners! It is a great chance to show off your artistic side and feel proud of something you’ve baked.

2. A form of self-expression

Unlike mass-produced store-bought bakes, home-made bakes are unique creations that speaks of your personality. Don’t worry if your cookies are not all equally shaped and sized, it’s the taste that counts! Home-made bakes are great gifts to express our affection and appreciation to those we care. The beautiful and intricate creations are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also communicate the thoughts, time and effort spent by the baker.

3. Calming sensory experience

The mixing, kneading, rolling and cutting of a pastry dough are hands-on experiences that clears your mind of distraction. As you get exposed to the different textures of ingredients such as the softness of flour, variety of aroma from vanilla to chocolate and distinct sounds of the oven during the baking process, your senses are engaged and pleasured. It's like yoga for your senses.

4. Practice generosity and increase your feel-good factor

Ever shared your surprisingly perfect bake with your family and friends? Much joy is created when you see them enjoying your creations, not to mention that extra mood boost when you receive their praises and requests for your special recipe. This increases your feel-good factor, further motivates you to hone your baking skills and be more generous to share your future bakes (and perhaps recipes).

5. Creates a flow state of mind

Have you ever felt that time seems non-existent when you are in complete immersion of an activity such as baking? This happens when you are focused on the tasks which require your full attention and control. Baking is one such activity as concentration is needed in small incremental steps such as measuring, mixing, controlling your techniques and making sure the bakes are not undercooked or burnt. This flow experience brings about greater fulfillment and self-reward which can transcend the kitchen.


Be it American cheesecake, French macarons or local pineapple tarts, remember it is not the product but the process that counts towards a successful baking experience. Here’s one more bonus tip for you if you do not know where to start: learn from a qualified professional baker, utilise your skills-future credits to save on course fees.

Baking courses not only offer you a chance to create beautiful and delicious baked pastries, but also to steal some time away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Self-care is not an expense; it is an investment.

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