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Discover Asia's Vegetarian Delights: Authentic Flavors with Great Taste!

Singapore has launched the ‘SG Green Plan 2030, which represents a nationwide effort to promote environmental sustainability and combat climate change.

To support this movement, Foodact Culinary Studio has tailored our newly launched Asian culinary courses to promote sustainable cooking by introducing an array of mouth-watering vegetarian recipes. These dishes are not only delightful but also echo our commitment to environmental conservation.

Iconic Asian dishes like Tom Yum soup, Laksa and Ayam Pongteh hold special places in our hearts. Under the guidance of our expert chefs, you can learn to create meat-free, healthier versions of these classic recipes. Experience an exquisite blend of authentic Asian flavours without compromising taste, all while nurturing love and responsibility for our planet.

Let’s dive into the exciting Asian vegetarian dishes you can learn at Foodact’s WSQ culinary courses!

A Culinary Tour of Asia's Best Vegetarian Dishes

1. Thai Cuisine: Vegetarian Pad Thai

Imagine the rich tapestry of flavours that Thai cuisine embodies, now encapsulated in our Vegetarian Pad Thai, one of the dishes you can master in our ‘The Art of Thai Cooking’ vegetarian culinary course.

This plant-based version captures the zest and authentic flavours synonymous with Thailand's bustling street food scene. Savour the mouthwatering textures of imitation seafood, complemented by firm tofu that offers a satisfying bite. The array of fresh vegetables adds a burst of colour and nutrition to your plate. Garnish the dish with a generous sprinkle of crunchy peanuts, adding a delightful crunch to each bite. Experience the harmonious balance of flavours and textures that this vegetarian Pad Thai offers.

2. Vietnamese Delight: Banh Cuon

Our vegetarian take on Banh Cuon, Vietnamese-style Chee Cheong Fun, promises an experience that is every bit as enjoyable as the original version.

In Foodact’s ‘Discover Vietnamese Cuisine’ course, you’ll learn to appreciate the subtleties of this healthy recipe and master the delicate balance of textures and flavours. You can replace the fillings with meat-free options like fried tofu and other crunchy greens. Discover the secrets to elevate the umami factor of this dish with a vegetarian dipping sauce instead of the usual nuoc cham (fish sauce).

3. Peranakan Treat: Mushroom Curry Kapitan

Dive into the aromatic world of Mushroom Curry Kapitan through Foodact’s ‘Explore Peranakan Cuisine’ vegetarian culinary course.

Learn to cook this distinctive dish that harmoniously marries the robust flavours of a traditional Peranakan curry with the hearty essence of vegetarian ingredients. The star ingredient in this recipe is monkey head mushrooms, known for their medicinal properties and meaty texture, which absorb the rich curry sauce, satisfying your tastebuds. Add perfectly cooked potatoes to impart a comforting, earthy note to this rich yet nourishing dish.

4. Singapore’s Favourite: Vegetarian Laksa

In Singapore, where a zest for spice characterises our dining plates, laksa remains a familiar and beloved staple for Singaporeans.

In Foodact’s ‘Flavours of Singapore Heritage’ course, our Vegetarian Singapore Laksa captures the soul of this iconic national hawker dish, retaining its trademark richness and depth, presenting a healthier and lighter vegetarian version that is no less tantalising.

Concocted with a lush coconut broth as the laksa base, along with meat-free ingredients of tofu pok, which absorbs the intricate flavours of the broth, imitation prawn, and fish cake, that mimic actual seafood. Every spoonful delivers a bold, fiery blend of flavours that warms the cockle of our hearts.

5. Dimsum Special: Vegetarian Siew Mai & Tofu Sou

Step into a delightful gastronomic journey by learning to make Vegetarian Siew Mai through our ‘Steamed Dim Sum’ course.

Reimagine this traditional steamed dumpling, which is a staple in Chinese Dim Sum restaurants, by switching the meat fillings with a wholesome mixture of finely diced yam, which has a slightly sweet and creamy texture, together with chopped mushrooms and carrots, which offers a delightful crunch.

Master the art of Chinese dry-heat cooking to create perfect bites through our ‘Baked Dim Sum’ course. It is a delicious pastry that stands at the crossroads of Chinese culinary heritage and Western pastry making. Featuring a flaky, golden skin with a melt-in-your-mouth texture and a luscious filling of savoury and sweet tofu in place of the usual char siew, this innovative and enticing tea-time snack will leave your guests wanting more.

Changing The Way We Think About Vegetarian Cuisine

At Foodact, we truly believe that going vegetarian should never compromise on experiencing the authentic taste that Asian cuisine has to offer. It opens up more creative and innovative ways to explore the richness and diversity of Asian culinary traditions in a meat-free, eco-friendly and healthier light.

At our recent Foodact open house, our expert chefs demonstrated the meticulously crafted vegetarian Asian dishes that embody the essence of the original recipes and invited our guests to sample them. Our guests were pleasantly surprised by the depth of flavours and textures brought to life in our Asian vegetarian creations. The enthusiastic feedback we received fuels our passion to continually offer culinary courses that will inspire and ignite a love for vegetarian gastronomy among our learners.


Let us journey together to unveil the secrets of transforming simple vegetables and spices into Asian dishes brimming with nutrition, aroma, vibrancy and depth of flavours. Kickstart a wholesome, fulfilling cooking adventure in your kitchen that promises sustainable practices and is delightful to your palate!

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