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Best Team Building Ideas in a Singapore Culinary Studio

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Is the culture of your company impeded due to the post-covid work-from-home arrangements?

Have you noticed your employees losing the much-needed face-to-face interactions with colleagues to forge a shared sense of camaraderie?

Do your new hires have trouble remembering and connecting the names with the faces of their teammates?

Or worse, are your employees feeling burnt out due to a lack of boundaries between work and rest, which has in-turn affected their morale?

That is why it's the perfect time to organise a team-building event for your company!

With the ease of social gathering limitations in Singapore, there's no better time to reconnect with colleagues over great fun and good food through some culinary team-building activities! The satisfaction from making their own food couldn't be more rewarding.

Why Should You Have a Team-building Event in a Culinary Studio?

Some experts say that a shared experience, such as cooking or baking together, helps people work better together. Engaging in a new experience away from the daily grind of an office setting, such as a culinary studio, can re-energize employees and make them feel refreshed.

Adding a healthy dose of competition to inspire innovation and creativity can be a huge morale booster on top of the fun and excitement generated.

Here are four creative ideas to consider when planning for a culinary team-building event in Singapore.

Idea 1 - Cake Decorating Competition

This is a fun and creative way to get your teams to challenge each other and unleash their imaginations as they brainstorm, discuss, create and design the best-looking cake.

The group will be assigned into teams, and they can either be given a common design theme or has free reign over their cake designs. Next, the teams will showcase their creativity through communication, collaboration and delegation of tasks throughout the challenge. The chef will be the judge to award prizes for the best-looking cake.

Idea 2 - Sushi Making Lesson

Ever wondered the differences between nigiri, maki, temaki, or gunkan? Learn from a professional sushi chef on the history of this Japanese cuisine and master the art of making different types of sushi through a live demonstration.

Spice up your sushi-making experience with culinary team-building games that involve the bidding for ingredients you want or sabotaging other teams with the “special” ingredients of unique tastes (for example: celery / bitter gourd etc).

Idea 3 -Ultimate Pizza Bake-off

Instead of tucking into the usual boxes of pizza delivered to your office through food delivery services, take the office pantry party up a notch in a culinary studio! Let your teams experience the fun of working together to knead, roll and “throw” their pizza dough, then top it up with ingredients to their likings.

Generate enthusiasm and heat up the rivalry through a friendly pizza bake-off challenge. Sample each other’s creations and vote for the team with the best pizza in this light-hearted team-building activity in Singapore!

Idea 4 -Mystery Box Challenge

Put on your creativity caps as a team and get ready to make your gourmet menu using our mystery box ingredients.

In this activity, each team will reveal the unknown ingredients inside a mystery box and work together to plan and create 2 to 3 dishes within a given time frame.

Present your team’s curated menu to our chef for a taste test and share the idea of your team’s creation to win the chef’s heart! Teams will be judged on teamwork, creativity, taste, appearance, and persuasion skills, and the winning team will walk away with prizes!

This fun-filled activity offers opportunities for problem-solving, creativity, collaboration and communication skills.


Look no further if you are looking for a culinary studio to host your company’s team-building event.

Foodact is a fully equipped culinary studio with event hosts and professional chefs who are always ready to customise games and activities according to your company’s needs, as well as inject entertainment into your company’s team-building event in Singapore.

Our goal is to provide a refreshing and fun-filled experience that strengthens your employees’ bonds.

Call us at 6908 7800, Whatsapp us at 8733 2701, or email us at for a quotation for your very next team-building event!

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