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5 Things to do in Singapore on Mother's Day 2022

Mother’s Day is right around the corner - it’s time to shower your mum with the love and appreciation she deserves.

For those who are not aware, Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May (8th May this year), and it’s the best time to celebrate it gloriously, especially this year. Why?

The group size limit is being removed in Singapore for the first time in two years, which means you can plan for different kinds of activities (Teo Heng, here we come!) and a bigger family celebration is possible now!

If you have no ideas yet on what to plan, fret not. Here are 5 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day that will “warm the cockles” of your mum’s heart!

1. Prepare a delicious bento box

Remember how your mum used to prepare bento lunch boxes for you when you were a child?

How about bringing back that wonderful memory, but with a role reversal this time -- with you planning and cooking a bento box for mum?

Remember to thoughtfully include her favourite dishes to let her know you have taken notice and care about her unique tastebuds. To take this up a notch, you can prepare a special themed Japanese-style bento box to express your feelings for her.

Not sure how to cook Japanese dishes? Check out our WSQ Japanese Cuisine classes; it’s easier than you think!

2. Bond over a baking class

If you and your mum enjoy baking, consider exploring your passion in a hands-on baking class.

With a professional chef to guide you, there will be no kitchen disasters, and you will have a perfect cake to bring back for your family to enjoy together. One bird, two stones and an excellent bonding activity!

Time travel back to the past and recreate the old school buttercream cakes with your mum in four different flavours!

3. Delight her with a scrumptious meal at a hotel

Many restaurants curate a special Mother’s Day set menu to celebrate and honour the most important woman in our lives.

As cliché as this may be, this is a fail-proof way to indulge and delight mums!

Treat your mum with themed Mother’s Day dining experiences at Grand Hyatt, gastronomic buffet lunch at Sofitel or an exquisite three-course brunch at Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

There are a plethora of options; remember to make reservations early. A delicious meal never disappoints!

4. Go outdoors and create picture-perfect memories

Is there a special place which holds nostalgia or significance for your family?

Perhaps a favourite family cafe near grandma’s place, or maybe East Coast beach where you have the monthly family BBQ?

Head over to those places as a family and make those memories everlasting by taking photographs that your mum could reminisce later.

Want to brush up on your photography skills? Consider taking up a photography masterclass to create more compelling stories through photo taking!

5. Surprise her with a Gala concert

Mothers are often too busy to take time out for themselves.

Let your mum have a relaxing and carefree time by surprising her with tickets to Singapore Chinese Orchestra’s Mother’s Day concert.

Featuring local singer Joanna Dong, we are sure that her soothing voice belting out retro tunes will instantly put mums in an enjoyable mood.


No matter what your Mother’s Day plan is, this is an excellent opportunity to express your heartfelt affection for your mum – one of the most important person who moulds us into who we are today.

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