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WSQ Courses

Aspiring to be the next MasterChef?

Whether you are looking to expand your culinary expertise in a professional kitchen or upgrade your cooking skills as a home chef, these WSQ certified courses will adequately prepare you to achieve your aim.

Course duration: 2-9 days


WSQ Standard Sushi (L1)

WSQ Standard Japanese (L1)

WSQ Complex Japanese (L2)

WSQ Discover Vietnamese Cuisine (L1)

WSQ The Art of Thai Cooking (L1)

WSQ Explore Peranakan Cuisine (L1)

WSQ Flavours of Singapore's

Heritage Foods (L1)


WSQ Fundamental Pastry (L1)

WSQ Basic Pastry (L2)

WSQ Intermediate Pastry (L3)

WSQ Advanced Pastry (L4)

WSQ Fundamental Bread (L1)

WSQ Basic Bread (L2)

WSQ Advanced Bread (L3)



Are you a recreation kitchen experimenter?

Embark on your next kitchen adventure, join our workshop-based short courses, and learn together with like-minded enthusiasts.  Keep a lookout for our seasonal special and impress your loved ones with new creations!


Course duration: 3-4 hours



Life is all about taking actions. Join us as we take you on a fun-filled Baking and Culinary journey!


A place where aspiring artisan chefs gather and learn together.  


Cooking is the only art form that you can infuse your love into your creations for those who matter most. 


Your journey of learning continues with reinventing yourself and staying relevant.

Our Courses

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