WSQ Courses

Aspiring to be the next MasterChef?

Whether you are looking to expand your culinary expertise in a professional kitchen or upgrade your cooking skills as a home chef, these WSQ certified courses will adequately prepare you to achieve your aim.

Course duration: 5-10 days


WSQ Standard Japanese 

WSQ Complex Japanese


WSQ Basic Pastry

WSQ Intermediate Pastry

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Are you a recreation kitchen experimenter?


Embark on your next kitchen adventure, join our workshop-based short courses, and learn together with like-minded enthusiasts.  Keep a lookout for our seasonal special and impress your loved ones with new creations!


Course duration: 3-4 hours

Apr 2022

Oh! School Buttercream Cake

Once Upon a Buttercream Cake

(Mother's Day)

Mar 2022


Buns & Bunnies

(Easter Day)


Master a wide variety of cakes, pastries, breads, local delights and cuisines from all over the world. Psst.. we will share our secret recipes too. Join us as we take you on a fun-filled Baking and Culinary journey!

Our Courses

Cutting Bread
Poke Bowl
Cherry Tarts
Chicken Curry
Pasta Ingredients

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