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WSQ Complex sushi mastery (Level 2)


Funding Validity: 06 Jun 2023 - 05 Jun 2025

Simplicity, purity and the delicate balance of taste and texture.

The hallmarks of traditional Japanese sushi.

Less is more in Japanese sushi preparation. It is a minimalist dish, yet it requires a thoughtful selection of fresh ingredients, complex flavours and textures that must be carefully orchestrated.


A pursuit of perfection through simplicity.  

Master these artful dishes under professional guidance. Prepare sushi with newfound appreciation and confidence.

Upcoming Course Schedule

Duration: 24 hours (3 Days)

Dates: Enquire with us!

**Vegetarian-friendly course option available**

Time: 9AM - 6PM
Venue: 61 Stamford Road #01-06, Singapore 178892 (Stamford Court)

Course Objectives
  • Prepare sushi rice according to the recipe and methods

  • Cook California Maki, Mango Maki, and Dragon Maki according to industry standards

  • Cook Sushi Cake according to industry standards

  • California Maki (Immerse in the flavours of succulent crab meat, creamy avocado, tamago yaki, and crisp cucumber wrapped in a layer of premium sushi rice and tobiko (flying fish roe))

  • Mango Maki (Combining sushi rice, juicy fresh mango slices, crisp japanese cucumber, and the velvety richness of sushi tamago (egg) encased in a delicate sushi seaweed wrapper)

  • Dragon Maki (Features crispy tempura prawn, creamy avocado, and refreshing japanese cucumber wrapped in a blanket of sushi rice and Nori Zenkata)

  • Sushi Cake (Showcasing layers of premium sushi rice adorned with delicate crab stick, japanese seasoned radish, and a generous sprinkling of vibrant Tobiko (flying fish roe), topped with shredded seaweed and delightful sweetness of Japanese sushi sugar)

Admission Criteria
  • Age 18 and above

  • Possess basic sushi preparation skills

  • Workplace literacy & numeracy level: At least 2 (listening/speaking)

Course Fees & Funding
  • The course fee is S$756.00 (incl 8% GST) per participant

  • To help companies and individuals offset the cost of training, SSG provides funding for the course fee
    (eligible for Singaporeans, PRs or LTVP+ holders only) and absentee payroll:

    • INDIVIDUALS - Up to 70% course fee

    • SME - Up to 70% course fee

    • NON-SME- Up to 50% course fee

  • Participants will be awarded a Statement of Attainment by SSG upon passing both written examination and practical assessment administered by Ascendo Academy

Cancellation & Refund
  • Full Refund will be made if the course is cancelled due to lack of participants or unforeseen circumstances

  • Any cancellations made after closing date (14 days to course date) – No Refund

  • Any cancellations made before closing date (14 days to course date) – Full Refund

  • Ascendo Academy reserves the right to cancel, reschedule the course, amend course content if necessary

Join the Program and Rediscover Your Confidence

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